Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The hardest working man in show business.... James Brown

It's great to get invited to your friends wedding. The people you love and care about having a great day and hopefully a bunch of your good friends who you probably don't see enough. Mix in a bit of sunshine and your smart attire with a few beverages and the day passes way too quickly. I do however hate wedding lists.. I mean they really aren't that bad because your aunty Mary from Azerbaijan probably has no idea what to get you for a gift and it is traditional to give gifts but still - I always think they are a bit weird.

I usually think for a while about some inappropriate gift that I can purchase and generally leave it a little late so I end up in Bristol scrabbling around to find a roll of 120 film (yes I know I could go to Photographique but I just don't like them!) so that I can take a few nice photographs.

Here are the results from one such day back in sunny May...yes you remember - before the sunshine now and the rainy rain season we have had the sunshine.....yep thats it. Amanda & James tied the knot at St Just in Roseland's beautiful church on the water in Cornwall before hopping aboard James' boat The Madeline Rose to motor round into St Mawes. It was a lovely day and the celebrations went on well into the evening. Thanks for the invite Mr & Mrs Brown (Harley) [Harley Brown]...ahh these modern names....

...and no they are not in order....nor have they had a thorough clean..

All photographs © Mike Lusmore. If you want one email me and I will prepare you a nice clean scan...

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