Friday, 27 May 2011


I've finally made it home after almost two weeks away being everything Hinterlands. We wanted The Hinterlands to be an amazing way to learn everything there was to know about photofilms in a low impact kinda way with a bunch of like minded people. It ended up being so much more! The talks were so inspiring I would like to thank Nick and Jonathan and everyone else who graced the barns presence.

We (Rebecca and I) partnered up with duckrabbit for this workshop and were so happy to have a group of fifteen students who by the end of five days didn't want to leave. A cook who didn't want to leave and a few that didn't even leave.

What an amazing experience!

I'll just sort through the 1111 jpegs, 2 films, 1 timeplapse and several 3d photographs to see what might interest anyone.

Ben gets his portrait taken by Rebecca

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Our workshop is finished...for now

Wow! I can't quite believe that our Hinterlands workshop is over. It's been so long in the making and has just flown by. I really enjoyed meeting all of the participants and am so happy tht they enjoyed themselves and went away inspired and with new skills to add to their talents.

So much to remember from the past few days...the food, the wind, photofilms, gliders, dougie, the fire, extension leads, breakfast outside, early mornings, late nights, the groups, that fax, honesty bar, lovely cider, chorizo, jonathan worth, nick hand, beautiful photographs and my word....alive!

Leo & Briony....2/3rds of team steam getting their piece ready.
The participants, their subjects and the local community watch the weeks photofilms
The Hinterlands around the campfire
The remaining few...Rebecca, Fjona, Alice, Benjamin....Pete in the background and me (behind the lens)

Monday, 23 May 2011

The Hinterlands...continues

As I type this The Hinterlands students are getting to grips with the finer side of editing down the material they gathered out in the field on yesterdays case studies. It was a great day with a lot of happy smiling faces and a few surprises thrown in.

They have a lot of hard work to get on with now so I better go and help out..

Captivated by Georgina's talk.

Our schedule for the evening.
Is this Wasma?
Finding our way home from the pub.
The classroom.
An ominous forecast.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The one

Fifteen people arrived yesterday in the Devon countryside from around the UK and parts of Europe to participate in The Hinterlands workshop. We spent the evening getting to know each other, talking about photographs, audio and everything in between. It's on to the training today and we started with some lovely bright sunshine and a yummy breakfast out in the open.

The field kitchen
Glued to the screen

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sweden to Devon

From Sweden to Devon in the last week and not a photograph to show for it. There are photographs (why of course..) but they haven't been processed yet. Although even when they manage to reach the processed pile on the desk downstairs they will then join the infamous scanning pile - it's not to be reckoned with - ask tom.

It's been a busy time recently - and especially in the lsat few days as I have been running around putting the finishing touches to The Hinterlands workshop which kicks off in the Devon countryside tomorrow! If you want to know how to make photofilms it is the place to be - and if you like the great outdoors more than the not so great indoors then it is the course for you. Unfortunately (for you - not us) it is all sold out this year...(not next year..) I'm doing a little paperwork now but looking forward to meeting all of the wonderful people coming along tomorrow. See you all in Devon!

The photograph is a 'bride not to be' in Bristol on the day of the Royal Wedding. So many wedding dresses. I always think when I see people wearing wedding dresses for fancy dress - where do they get them from..?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

mull it over

I was asked to do a small interview recently which appeared on the mull it over blog yesterday. It's nice to be asked - cheers Jonathan.

The pictured featured is from my upcoming series which doesn't really have a title. I could make one up but I would be sitting here far to long weighing up the possibles..

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Holiday weekend

Claire, Royal Wedding Celebrations - Castle Park, Bristol

It's been a busy weekend, holidays, workdays, royal wedding day, moving office, cooking, cleaning, lost cat, found cat, bit of building, more work, more play, choose camera kit, pack camera kit, download, upload and now a bit of catering for a Sunday afternoon..

Went along to Instant Coffee's last night which is a slideshow event held in Bristol. It was great to see some other peoples work and more importantly meet a few other local photographers and the curator and current exhibitor from Fox Talbot museum in Lacock.

I have loads of stuff to post. I just need to scan it first