Friday, 17 July 2009


i've been back in bristol as of late working on some photographs. not much else to say really but it's been hard work and i think i'm beginning to see the light..

Friday, 10 July 2009

photo forum mkII..

i really enjoyed showing my work to a dark room of photographers in london last night - thanks to anyone that could make it. quite a contrast of different work but i think everyone really enjoyed the varied approaches and stages that people were at in their projects/careers. john angerson view of england was inspiring definitely worth spending some time looking at his images. in quite a stark contrast Dalia Khamissy's work shine on some issues that i don't think anyone had even realised existed - a nice body of work. head over to photo forum  next month for some interesting photography and a pint of your favourite tipple..

i showed three slideshows of work last night to show three different aspects to the way i work. first off I put a selection of my day to day press photos and portraits up with some backing music by dj shadow...

secondly I wanted to show how i work when the story is mine and i'm trying to work to my own direction. i showed a story i shot called bessies which is on display on my website. it describes the day to day life of a lady called bessie who runs a small pub from the front room of her home in a small village in west wales. 

lastly i wanted to show something a bit different. my take on an assignment that i have been given and want to shoot my own way whilst shooting it the correct way for the client. at the begining of 2009 i went from lands end to john o' groats for the sun newspaper. we made the trip without using any chain stores, garages or hotels. we were at the peril of the independents of britain. i shot some time-lapse photography along with some stills of the people i met along the way whilst wiring the essential pictures to the desk everyday...

lands end to john o' groats unchained from mike lusmore on Vimeo.

Monday, 6 July 2009

photo forum..

june has merged with july in my head despite it being fairly quiet on the paid work front. that hasn't stopped the pile (s) of paperwork accumulating around my computer or my mind from running rampant about things to do..

so i have mainly been busying organising and getting ready/shooting a project in bristol - bless the m4. i'm also showing some of my work to photo forum (see here) this week which is nice but a little nerve racking...

howies printshop - cardigan, west wales

i haven't really decided what to show yet - although i have zero time off in the next few days so i am getting it all sorted now. when i'm done hopefully the picture above which i shot last year at howies - my favourite clothing company - will make it into the finished pile - the edit for that has been a little ongoing...

well until next-time, enjoy the rain..