Tuesday, 29 April 2008

tilt & shift

Anyone who knows me will be aware at my fascination with tilt & shift pictures. I get emails all the time about stuff on tilt & shift lenses. One online article I read had an interesting comment on it yesterday. I think it was something like " have we not had enough of this yet!". All I can say is - my what a grown up...

So just for that guy...this is Clapham Rd, London as summer awakens itself....a weather pic..i think not.

It's raining again...wheres summer gone...damned flip flops

Monday, 28 April 2008

so....if your looking for a miracle

I visited the hobbit digging world of George a few weekends ago. Busy boy. Its all in the spade though I hear...

London on the other hand. I'll do pros and cons because I find it hard enough as it is...

Bad stuff for starters; waiting an hour for the number 3, an hour bus journey on the 3 which i waited an hour for, rain, more rain, rain when i was wearing flip flops, lack of sleep, light, noise, lack of work.

Good stuff for afters; finding the best pizza ever, ginger beer, sun, beer, the park, a shift....no really, broadband, that few hours of borrowed sleep..amazing, bean surprise

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

the oval office

A televisions eye view of the main man himself - mr concorde. He can be seen daily like this with the remote control and a massive bowl of cereal on his lap.

I've moved into the oval pad - known worldwide by other aspiring snappers and work experience wannabies....

Latest on the job front; haven't yet got a job yet.

Haven't yet got a job with PA yet......hmm...still awaiting the results on that one....

Friday, 18 April 2008


It's raining and we're out of milk..

Go West

Cute fluffy animals..twins..I feel like I'm back in the West. But no, this is Surrey. Designed in the mid 80's to give londoners a feel of the Westcountry without the scrumpy but with an added feel of Magners to it.

Scrumpy isn't the reason I'll be driving back down the m4 today however I will try and oblige whilst there. I'm more interested in the wardrobe change and a quick log fire at mine.

Monday, 14 April 2008

i know where i'd rather be..

Surely yrds isn't the correct abbreviation for yards - besides its hardly an abbreviation - with only a one letter saving. It's one of those ridiculous letter saving type abbreviations that parents use on text messages. But their just trying to be cool whilst preempting the predictive text function.
Surely it would be more beneficial with such a small saving to maybe change the font size..

Maybe they were concentrating too hard on their larger cup size selection.

Went along to the marathon yesterday. My advice to myself; listen to mr 5d and a wide. It wasn't the best - and then it rained. Although the rain was actually a highlight - and helped to create my favourite frame of the day.. At least I got to experience the tube when it was even busier than at rush hour.

Saturday, 12 April 2008


I'm tired. But I am glad it wasn't me who lost his socks. That would be awful.

Friday, 11 April 2008

it's not real...

After awakening to more tiredness than i had initially anticipated. I consulted the handy tube route planner in the vain hope that i could shoehorn two jobs in where one would normally suffice. Apparently so...

...but also apparently not. At least not when you turn up to the first job at a place where it doesn't actually exist. You see you really do need to be in the right place at the right time - especially for a pre-arranged photocall.

It could of been worse..there could have been rain..or snow..

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Lesson No.2

If your going to get a bus - make sure you know where it's going and what the stop looks like. If you had taken heed of lesson number one this would not be a problem..however I am too stupid even to follow my own rules - so that goes out the window.
After a day of looking semi-smart and increasing the share price of my mobile phone company I decided that with the lovely t-shirt esque weather that I should go to Clapham Common and take some nice weather pics. To cut a long story short;- after the cup of tea and the packing of the bag, and the walk, and the bus, and the more walk (back to a previous bus stop - i hastened to add) the common was a bit dull and all weathe
r had packed up and gone home like a sensible little weather should.
In its place London stuck a mental person though..or maybe he was praying. No - he was mental trust me I watched for a while before snapping this lovely frame of perhaps not the most mental person i have seen all day. Just another one.

I forgot. Lesson No.1. Don't get busses!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

the silver lining

I guess this picture is the silver lining to my mornings pr job. Its not exactly a world press photo. But I like it - and I was surprised I managed to squeeze it all in. It so much better of a picture because I had spent my slumbering hours thinking of the merits of the ensuing pr job rather than counting sheep and had come to the conclusion by morning that it could actually make a good picture......and so here is the silver lining; a frame of the sky. Well at-least I like this frame - unlike most of the stuff I shot this morning.
So here is a bog (because i do hate the word blog - and because most of what i write will be crap..) of my meanderings mainly via the medium of photographs - plus a little text...

Monday, 7 April 2008

week one

I always see this from exactly the other side - the m4 side. See ....if your a westcountry boy then everytime you come to London you drive in a particular way and see this beautiful landmark - and the 'to be or not to be' number plates and a whole bunch of houses you will probably never live in.......it all seems so lovely.
This is different - its the train. But I can't complain. I do prefer the train in London to the tube. But I also prefer the tube to the bus. I mean I would rather cycle but there is a question of my bag..and at the moment the weather...