Friday, 14 December 2012

I'm moving

Thanks for dropping by. You may have noticed everything on blogger went a bit different recently and thats because I have been migrating my website and blog and blogger has been stuck in the middle.

My website is still in the same place at but please go check it out as it's all changed.

My blog is now over on tumblr and you can get it by heading to so please update your bookmarks.

Thanks for your continued interest in my work - don't be shy!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The loaves and the fishes

It's been a busy few weeks of furniture building, layout planning and bread baking at the new Harts Bakery located under Bristol's historic Temple Meads train station. It's not what I usually do but sometimes I just can't resist helping a friend in need.

I photographed Laura Hart in her bakery last year in Cotham and as I love local food, making it and eating it became friends with the baker and pastry genius. After returning home from my recent travels I learned that Laura had recently acquired a new premises and being so keen to see her baking again I offered my furniture building, sandpaper wielding, general helper(y) and baking services. Well that was a few weeks ago now and I'm glad to say that on the Saturday just passed the bakery opened it's doors for the first time and Laura sold everything on the shelves.

It was a great day and I'd personally like to say thanks to Laura for letting me be part of it, Jonno for all of his cladding skills and general pedantic sanding, Tom for helping with the tables and to Tom Calver from Westcombe Cheddar for providing Laura with some of his lovely and award winning (BBC good food award!!) un-pasturised and traditionally made cheddar cheese for toastie making.

And to the fishes.. This portrait was taken for a writer I know who was building a website to share how she has dealt with her Rheumatoid Arthritis holistically. She shunned the doctors advice, changed her diet and is fighting RA successfully - the natural way.

See more about Harts Bakery at and read about Gwyneth and her fight against RA at