Tuesday, 16 June 2009

music maestro...

had a nice pic used the other day of up and coming artist little boots who visited the sun's new studios at news international in wapping. bizzare at the sun have been dragging in the new talent recently to perform exclusive sessions for them. its a great opportunity to listen to some live tunes and take nice pictures...its hard to know exactly when the sun publish the content but there is an archive on the suns website of all the  videos. along with little boots i have been around to capture electro pop newcomer vv brown, daniel merriwether of mark ronson fame and kelly rowland of destiny's child fame..

little boots..

vv brown & band..

daniel merriwether..

kelly rowland..

Monday, 8 June 2009

tuck em into your socks mate...

i took this picture ages ago whilst waiting for some non picture to happen in town. now the clothes pegs i can live with - well it sure beats buying those ultra cool cycling clips from the yesteryears. although i say  whats wrong with tucking your jeans into your socks. what im really more concerned with is his pedaling technique - or lack there of...

Sunday, 7 June 2009

back from france and on to cobham...

i got sent to one of my favourite places in surrey today - cobham. i do usually take my bike but due to the nature of the job and the fact that i fell off my bike and have injured my ribs a bit - i dont have one with me. instead i have - like many other wandering local tourists - come to visit the home where a body has been sat in a bin for weeks - nice!

it does however give me a bit of time with which to update this blog and dig out a few pictures from the end of the help the heroes bike ride. the ride ended up in paris and its finale was riding down the champs elysee at 5pm on a friday - whoever thought of that idea should get a bloody medal! needless to say it was difficult. 

photographs; paris form my hotel room, dream car, the picture of the day in paris.