Thursday, 23 October 2008


i was informed the other day that my new fixed wheel bike was a bit last year according to the cool kids. despite what they think i'm not riding it for anyone to look at me - for a start i only know about 13 people in london (read 513 if i was on facebook). back to the bike - i do love it, although after my near death by scooter incident yesterday i see that front brake as more essential for emergencies than before. and before you ask - yes you can do stoppies.

when i'm not riding the bike at the moment i have mostly been selling my soul to the devil. only because they pay better - well actually they just pay - unlike everyone else. and yeh also a bird did a poo on my head head yesterday. nice.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

the boys are back in town..

feeling sorry for me - tom and noah both dragged themselves to london to visit borough market. noah was a little confused and i remember clearly receiving a text stating 'london' as he arrived. yes that is where it is. tom cleverly coincided the trip with a "shoe type' event in clapham and noah, the lady of the hour (not noah - just the lady of the hour) and i bbq the evening away before attending a similar shoe based evening which was top was rubbish.
then noah had breakfast with my girlfriend. terrible. didn't even get an invite.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

back from the dead..

so this was my first foray back into the world of newspaper photojournalism after a few days of hospital food enabled me to stay in my bed for a little bit longer than i had expected.

infact it was only a few hours after writing the last post on here that I ended up in the a&e dept at the local hospital being told it would be a four hour wait before a doctor with obvious pain management issues would be stabbing at the back of my leg with a scalpel. an event that would then lead to me being holed up next to what can only be described as the most random selection of 'roomies' i have ever had. there was the guy that kept asking for the nurse to help him in a tone that resembled dying, mr noisy beeping noise, two guys with petrol generators for asthma nebulisers and then the guy who was handcuffed to his bed with a policeman at his side 24/7.

one thing that must be said for the first day back as i was snapping the latest la senza collection was that the commonising of the croissant on the english supermarket shelves only made my 'press breakfast' worse. because i don't think that a pack of high st faux french pastry can really be qualified as a breakfast....i mean you get better than that in the travelodge..