Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fishing off of the Roseland Peninsula

I spent a morning photographing James aboard his boat the Madeline Rose back in May. James motors out of St Mawes most days when the weather is good taking people on fishing trips around this beautiful part of Cornwall.

These negs have finally found their way from my camera bag, into my new(old) jobo, into my shower and onto my scanner. I didn't want to keep posting negatives around the country to get developed and here in Bristol there isn't too much choice with your colour negs (read 'too' much...there is one place..) so I decided to do my own. That took a bit of research and these negs have taken the brunt of that.

My C41 process is well on the way though and I love these pictures which I have just used a handful of to animate James's new website. So check out if your nosey or if you want to catch your dinner.

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