Friday, 24 August 2012


Just a quick note to say I love bikes and hopefully I'm going to be spending the next 10 weeks riding a lot of them. Well mainly one...but riding it a lot.

On the note of bikes here are a few very quick scans from Bristol bike maker Robin Mather. Robin's a great guy who builds steel frames and parts in his workshop here in the middle of Bristol. He very kindly allowed me to come down and photograph him and these are some of the first results. There are more and I will be going back in the winter to finish up these pictures.

I will probably also be saving up the pennies to get a handmade frame as it's just such a beautiful process.

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Off for a bit to do some work and life in the states. Popped down to Devon last night to share skills, eat food, play a little guitar and say farewell (for a bit) to a few people and especially to someone I care deeply about.

It was beautiful in Devon - just beautiful.

 Dining room


Washing up 

Kevin's turkish coffee 



Boo & Rufus

The inspiration wall thrives..


Packing to go

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The hardest working man in show business.... James Brown

It's great to get invited to your friends wedding. The people you love and care about having a great day and hopefully a bunch of your good friends who you probably don't see enough. Mix in a bit of sunshine and your smart attire with a few beverages and the day passes way too quickly. I do however hate wedding lists.. I mean they really aren't that bad because your aunty Mary from Azerbaijan probably has no idea what to get you for a gift and it is traditional to give gifts but still - I always think they are a bit weird.

I usually think for a while about some inappropriate gift that I can purchase and generally leave it a little late so I end up in Bristol scrabbling around to find a roll of 120 film (yes I know I could go to Photographique but I just don't like them!) so that I can take a few nice photographs.

Here are the results from one such day back in sunny May...yes you remember - before the sunshine now and the rainy rain season we have had the sunshine.....yep thats it. Amanda & James tied the knot at St Just in Roseland's beautiful church on the water in Cornwall before hopping aboard James' boat The Madeline Rose to motor round into St Mawes. It was a lovely day and the celebrations went on well into the evening. Thanks for the invite Mr & Mrs Brown (Harley) [Harley Brown]...ahh these modern names....

...and no they are not in order....nor have they had a thorough clean..

All photographs © Mike Lusmore. If you want one email me and I will prepare you a nice clean scan...

Highly Commended

Some fun with friends, family and my wind up Canon 35mm.

First frames are a dog show in Glastonbury where we managed to obtain a highly commended award (although no rosette..) and then there is my brother Paul and I generally watching the olympics and being English and not being able to wear proper clothes when the sun comes out.

I love my little old Canon...wind and go!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fishing off of the Roseland Peninsula

I spent a morning photographing James aboard his boat the Madeline Rose back in May. James motors out of St Mawes most days when the weather is good taking people on fishing trips around this beautiful part of Cornwall.

These negs have finally found their way from my camera bag, into my new(old) jobo, into my shower and onto my scanner. I didn't want to keep posting negatives around the country to get developed and here in Bristol there isn't too much choice with your colour negs (read 'too' much...there is one place..) so I decided to do my own. That took a bit of research and these negs have taken the brunt of that.

My C41 process is well on the way though and I love these pictures which I have just used a handful of to animate James's new website. So check out if your nosey or if you want to catch your dinner.