Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Me riding a sweet bit of singletrack 'off piste' at Whistler
I'm back (home) and finally sat at a computer (my computer that is) for the first time in months looking for a natural starting place for past, present and future work. I have been traveling with a bike instead of a laptop and an iPhone instead of a digital camera. I couldn't leave my trusty Mamiya behind but it was a bit bulky to accompany me on my travels across the dustiest and hottest mountain bike trails I had ever experienced so it stayed in the car, the bus, the train and came out when I wasn't hammering out the miles.

One of the most important things in the past few months for me has been water. I don't think I really realised the full extent of how much I relied upon my £20 camelback until a few weeks back when I went out for a midday ride in 105 F heat and I could barely function. A mountain lion 30 feet off in the grass does wonderful things for the minds ability to tell the body to get the fuck on with it and so I did make it back to the car - albeit a bit hot and bothered.

I've got lots more to share about my trip, the people, places, rides, beers, food and the experiences and as soon as I can find the cable for my phone it will be time to get started.

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