Sunday, 18 January 2009

resolutions....and the new year

got back from france yesterday. it was reather a pain dropping the hire car off though. a pavlova as they say in wales. what i really wanted to know was why i had to do all the legwork with the french car and the swiss airport - surely thats what i (read someone else..) pay for!

anyway...i'm in Brighton. drinking guiness, burning cds, reading the apologist by jay rayner and having to make small talk with the guy at the bar who is a photographer. oh and my favourite thing...the drunk at the bar behind me who is singing....yey. have just had to tell him to shutup because he wants to know why i am stealing the acdc! nuts.

so i don't really do new years resolutions but i do have a few general resolutions. last year i decided to stop shopping at tesco which i think i have managed fairly well - apart from petrol and using the loo. to add to my list of companies i am steering clear of i quickly added ryanair during the festive period, and in order to reduce the amount of pain caused to myself and I am now adding costa coffee. the epiphany came to me whilst travelling down the m1 eating what was probably the worst blt sandwhich known to man - or dog. i just thought moaning about places i continue to spend money in was probably a bit of a false economy. i mean i have been boycotting the costa near taunton on the m5 for years why not go the whole hog.

oh..Brighton pier....

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