Sunday, 4 January 2009

Godt Nytt År

london couldn't quite keep me entertained this festive season although i did see a great exhibit at the portrait gallery (extended till feb 1st i'll have you know). so i sneaked off and headed to bristol, devon, back to london briefly, stansted (i think it deserves a mention because of the amount of unnecessary time i spent there), norway and then back to town. where i got very drunk on cider and knocked over (i suppose) my coffee table, cooked a christmas meal, cooked another christmas meal, partook in the present giving and taking, sat round fires, walked the dog (it kind of walked me), went to hospital, enjoyed the m5 and 4s hospitality, queued with ryanair, payed ryanair more money, queued, squeezed myself into a small yellow and blue plane only to be bombarded with what i can only assume was the music thats even cheaper than the stuff for supermarkets, bought vodka, played guitar, drunk vodka, ate takeout, cooked, ice was a bit slippy, cooked, plane, brixton, pub.

it was good.

some pictures from the norge adventure.

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