Thursday, 23 October 2008


i was informed the other day that my new fixed wheel bike was a bit last year according to the cool kids. despite what they think i'm not riding it for anyone to look at me - for a start i only know about 13 people in london (read 513 if i was on facebook). back to the bike - i do love it, although after my near death by scooter incident yesterday i see that front brake as more essential for emergencies than before. and before you ask - yes you can do stoppies.

when i'm not riding the bike at the moment i have mostly been selling my soul to the devil. only because they pay better - well actually they just pay - unlike everyone else. and yeh also a bird did a poo on my head head yesterday. nice.

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george said...

kid. the only reason to buy a fixie now is BECAUSE they are so last year. love the fact you are rocking stoppies on her. did you get my picture message of the baby pink brake lever? P.I.M.P. timaay moved in today. G.I.M.P.