Wednesday, 18 June 2008

when it rains it pours..

i don't know if have ever felt this busy. but when the shit hits the fan it certainly does in London. its been a rollercoaster week which has left me with a cup of tea and a parking first (touch wood). i met some lovely people in the isle of wight who helped me get a taxi (not easy). i've taken a lot of pictures. i did some work for getty (wohoo-jumps of joy!!). I saw how quickly people can change from being 'nice' to an insipid moronic bunch of fuckwits in about 5 seconds. i had a lovely meal out to celebrate the birthday of someone very special. and now i'm trying to find a proper place to live before i get pulled over by the cops again for not having a number plate and before i drive into another van at the traffic lights because i'm not concentrating...............these are the days beer is made for

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