Monday, 12 May 2008

round two...

After a week of sleep counted on one hand in the north of the country I am back on the sofa everyone loves so much. Not the one pictured below which was lovely..we're talking oval here.

Manchester was fun and included a brief stay at my sisters in Nottingham, me dropping and bending my 70-200, not having much sleep, me pushing the limit of mr devlins hospitality, the cheapest ncp car park ever (4hrs 2 quid), lots of pr sandwiches....mmm yum and a swift drive back to town on saturday morning.

This post doesn't really make any sense but then neither did the advert I read for a flat yesterday which read something like "two northern girls who like to drink and have a laugh looking for a flatmate, we like to watch neighbours, hollyoaks, eastenders - well pretty much anything...etc"

Besides is it supposed to make sense....

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