Wednesday, 25 February 2009

i wish someone would turn the heating down...

i'm currently sat in gatwick airport waiting to follow the next story (read very happy not to be involved with the celebrity of the moment..) and its bloody boiling! i mean off came the waterproof..the body warmer...the fleece - i must look i'm an arctic explorer who took the wrong bloody plane....

i've been a busy boy recently trying to get my website online and get some new content ready for it at the same time. it really does take a lot of time to tie audio into picture slideshows. i mean there was finding the software which was hard enough and then you have to actually do the work. suffice to say i have now got it rolling and i will upload it soon. for all you avid fans....(hmmm)

in other news..chief snapper of the south west booze union cooked a lovely veg meal for us the other day and then promptly showed me how well he can shine his new bowling ball...nobody fucks with the jesus..

i have had loads of random stuff floating in my head to write down here this week - but then i open up my laptop and i can't remember any of it - typical. although with new random stuff happening on a daily basis for me to get my old man hat on and rant about why delve into the past..

lets take this mornings check in....

"would you like to check any bags sir..?"
'no no i have this lovely camera case which is exactly the correct size.....'
"if you could just place it in the basket behind you sir to check.."
'well if you doesn't seem to...right - well it is the correct size..'
"i'm afraid i'll have to ask you to check your bag sir"

darn and double darn. but its ok your reporter will be waiting for you.....or she will have here i come! all alone...sans baggage.

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