Monday, 8 December 2008

india makes brixton market seem clean..

i must admit that our original plan of catching a train across india to darjeeling from delhi may have been inspired in some small way by a certain film...yeh that was well out of the window pretty quick. but i think i could get to enjoy the train travel. you just need to be relaxed, have a sense of humour and not be in a rush. otherwise your fucked.

we were constantly bombarded with other travellers who didn't think much of our two stop trip to darjeeling and jodhpur.  the usual went a bit liek ' so your not seeing the taj mahal'...'your not going to goa...oh'.  but i really enjoyed spending a little more time in a made you feel relaxed enough to enjoy it.  the stress can sneak in pretty quick in india.

as the pictures describe the two places were pretty different....from lush moutain tops which dropped to minus temperatures as soon as the sun went down to arid deserts where i could barely sleep due t the a bit of a change . something that with the added pollution really worked the sniffling at times.

my favourite things....the food, the colours, the good smells, the weather, the size, the diversity, tuktuks, the people, the unnerving driving, chai, dal, that scarf, the train, the view, the history, saffron lassi, kashmiri dum aloo

and i didn't particularly enjoy...the taxis, delhi airport security, the (bad) smells, the facilities, the phone networks, the stray dogs, being a toursit, the trains, the delays, spicejet, people who have no idea what hand luggage is, being ill, dubai airport, bald tyres, the rubbish, the pollution, the poverty

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