Saturday, 29 November 2008

your train has been delayed by 12hrs....

i thought that was bad news until tom promptly arrived back at our pile of bags informing me that it would be thirteen hours meaning we could maybe catch our train at gone 2 in the morning....and no i do not need my shoes polished!

just into a week in india and tom and myself are stuck in siliguri which i have to disagree with the lonely planet on. it may be vibrant and a market town - but i'm really not in the market for fake sportswear, a cow or a shoe shine ( i mean i have suede boots for christsakes)

this probably isn't the best time to be writing a blog post but as i think of all the wonderous places in india i also think about how i am stuck in the corner of a strange internet cafe (pink crumbling walls-and i don't want to know who has used all these webcams over the years) which now has a copy of toms passport-poor tom.

anyways if we do make it up at 1am, and manage to get a taxi through the nighttime beeping, diesel fumes and past the roaming people/cows. and if our train does come, despite the fact i have no faith in it what so ever - we will be back in delhi and hopefully on to jodhpur. which is blue. the colour not the feeling.

and we have eaten a lot of curry.....and darjeeling was nice - and beautifulish...

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