Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Lesson No.2

If your going to get a bus - make sure you know where it's going and what the stop looks like. If you had taken heed of lesson number one this would not be a problem..however I am too stupid even to follow my own rules - so that goes out the window.
After a day of looking semi-smart and increasing the share price of my mobile phone company I decided that with the lovely t-shirt esque weather that I should go to Clapham Common and take some nice weather pics. To cut a long story short;- after the cup of tea and the packing of the bag, and the walk, and the bus, and the more walk (back to a previous bus stop - i hastened to add) the common was a bit dull and all weathe
r had packed up and gone home like a sensible little weather should.
In its place London stuck a mental person though..or maybe he was praying. No - he was mental trust me I watched for a while before snapping this lovely frame of perhaps not the most mental person i have seen all day. Just another one.

I forgot. Lesson No.1. Don't get busses!

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b. said...

your pictures are lovely.